the attic sessions


welcome to the attic

My personal studio

When I first started imagining The Attic I wanted it be a space for people to feel comfortable and let their guards down, to feel secretive and safe. To provide a space to get to know people on a more personal level, to ask questions, to explore concept art, and inspire others to be emotionally expressive.

It’s not your typical studio. It’s small + quaint but the light is really great and it challenges me to shoot differently. I saw the bones and created a vision that was a labor of love to come to life. I am so proud that I have a space to work and create within my home.

It’s here for boudoir and intimate couples, creative portraits and passion projects and whatever else it finds.


My goal is to provide a home for new experiences and throw judgment out the window. To allow those who enter to explore + create and feel vulnerable and know that it’s okay to be yourself.

Ready to create something wonderful? Reach out here.