I believe in transparency and making sure everyone is on the same page.


+ How long have you been a photographer? Is this your full time job?

I’ve been freelancing for nearly 10 years and am in my fourth year of weddings. This is my full time job and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

+ Will you (Gina) be my photographer?

Yes – I am a one-woman show here and believe that I am the only one to give the “GE Experience”. Unless something terrible occurs and I am unable to make it happen; in that case, I will reach out to my network of photographers and find someone with the same level of expertise to photograph the job. Knock on wood this has never happened to me.

+ Where are you based? Will you travel?

I am currently located in Milwaukee WI and relocating to Colorado in August/September of 2020. Wanderlust is embedded in my bones and I’m happy to hop on a plane to document your story. I’m also a fan of road trips, train rides, and boats. Any + all transportation really, it all leads to an adventure.

+ How would you describe your style?

Photography style falls into two categories: shooting style + editing style.

Shooting Style + Posing

My shooting style is very documentary in fashion. My goal is to have things be as natural as possible. Body language, facial expressions, and fluid movement. I provide direction when it’s needed, but more so I try to invoke specific reactions or situations with conversation, questions, and different prompts. I mix in movement prompts with editorial/artistic portraits so there are a variety of shots.

Editing Style

I strive for rich, deep, true to life color - as if you could step inside and be there. Slightly moody with rich tones, dark blacks, and inspired by film. I love bold black and whites that have a bit of grit + grain. While crisp, tack sharp images are a huge priority, I often throw in the blurry or “missed” shots for the sole fact that they still have some emotion to them, even if they aren’t technically perfect.


+ Do you shoot digital or film?

For all client work -- digital. I experiment with film on my own or with certain sessions. I would love to one day offer both digital + film, but for now, all digital.

+ What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot with all Canon gear + L Glass + Sigma Art Lenes. Everything is insured and I have proper back ups + lighting. I am ready for any room, shooting, and light situation.

+ How far in advance do I need to book with you?

For weddings: 12-18 months in advance. I do not hold or reserve dates without a signed contract and deposit. Everything Else: 1-2 months in advance. I always do my best to fit people in and accommodate on shorter notice but to ensure scheduling I recommend at least a month.

+ What if I want you to shoot something outside of your services?

It never hurts to ask, I’m always open to new ideas, but I’ve spent a really long time figuring out what projects I enjoy working on and what doesn’t bring me joy. In order to stay true to myself, work on what I am passionate about, and deliver the best experience, I limit what I shoot. I’m happy to give referrals to those that are looking for something I don’t offer.



+ Do you offer deals + discounts?

Unfortunately no. I feel confident in my work, what I offer, and value my time. There are so many misconceptions about what it takes + costs to run a photography business. I’m a numbers person and know what every dollar in my rates goes to and would be happy to break it all down for you.

+ Can I give you a specific list of shots for you to take?

Yes and No. I’d prefer that you didn’t. While I love the wonderful world of Pintrest and “Must have shots” --they create unrealistic expectations of how things will go and take the fun out of the process. I ask that you TRUST my expertise and let the creativity flow. So much of my approach is guided by whoever is in front of my camera and no two situations are the same. I’m happy to hear what types of images you enjoy more than others, but let’s create something original and true to you. If you can’t give me control of the outcome, we might not be a good fit.

When it comes to working with other businesses, I am open to creating a list of shots needed for the scope of the project. I do enjoy the collaborative process involved with commercial work and branding. In these types of projects, we spend a significant amount of time making sure we are on the same page and checking off all the boxes to document what you’re looking for.

+ What rights do I have with the images from our shoot?

Every session/shoot/project comes with personal usage rights. That means you are free to share on social media, print images, make albums, and enjoy + obsess over them. You cannot alter or edit images (isn’t that why you are hiring me anyways?), sell to third party, use for promotion or provide your images to another business for marketing.

Branding + commercial projects that require copyright + licensing transfer can purchase images individually or in bulk for additional fees + separate copyright agreement.

+ Can you keep my images private?

I will always respect your privacy and can make your gallery private if you desire. I do require a Model Release in all contracts that states my ownership of the images and the ability to post or use for marketing + commercial use. I require an NDA and extra fee if you want to keep them all private and not grant me permission to use in any public way.



+ Can I have or view the raw photos?

Unfortunately no. Raw photos are like a blueprint for the final image and I always maintain the copyright to those files. They tend to look dull in color and are unforgiving with detail. I take out the guesswork and get rid of everything bad—out of focus, duplicate frames, and unflattering angles—and edit everything that passes the test(s). I promise I won’t keep any memories from you!

+ Do you limit the amount of images you deliver?

Short answer, no. I always edit + deliver everything I deem “worthy”. What’s the point of holding the goods hostage? The only time I limit the amount of images delivered is in headshot packages and commercial projects.

+ How will my images be delivered?

I have an entirely different site that is specifically for my clients and their images. It has all the options to download, save, send, and print within your gallery. AND there’s an app for you to access your photos from a phone or iPad/Tablet. I will email you with links to your gallery and appropriate passwords you need to download + save your images.

+ What is your backup process like? How long do you keep images?

I take the storage of my work very seriously. I always save RAWs in two different locations and everything is constantly being backed up to a cloud storage system. Once your images are delivered to you, I am only responsible for keeping your images for 90 days. After this timeframe I will start clearing out my hard drives to make more room for future work. I’m happy to educate you on proper backup procedures for your images and how to go about saving them from corrupting.


Still have questions? No worries, email me.