Mike + Rachael | The Attic Sessions | Couples Photography | MKE, WI

When my brother said he and Rachael were coming to Milwaukee this past weekend I had to ask and see if they'd be down for a mini photoshoot in my brand new Attic Studio!! I finished renovations about two weeks ago and have been dying to shoot any+everything in my new space!   

Originally I figured I would be sticking to boudoir, seniors, and branding/headshots in the attic but I also love the idea of super classic couples photos too. 9 times out of 10 couples want to be outside and think indoor/studio isn't really an option. BUT I'm determined to move away from stale/posed/old school studio portraits-- that we quite often think of when you hear "studio"-- and foster some genuine connection.  The idea with couples photos in the attic is to "strip down" and not rely on a scene to make the photo. Quite often photographers depend on location/surroundings to bring out a mood or determine the way they shoot. 

I love the idea of putting two people somewhere really simple, where the location doesn't determine the actions of the photos. This way it forces people to look at each other, talk, connect, and simply focus on their body language. Isn't that what we want to capture anyways? Our love + relationship?

We had 20 minutes to shoot so my main focus was on genuine body language and getting close!

Thanks to Rachael + Mike for being guinea pigs and getting real with me super super fast.

All my love,