I've got a love for capturing the horse-human relationship. Documentary style sessions of the bond you share with your equine partner.

One bond that stands apart from the rest.

I live and breathe horse love.  I get it. I understand it. It's embedded in my bones and I know it's in yours too. 

When I found out that my days with Luxe were numbered I realized I needed to capture all of the aspects of him that I thought I would miss. His nose, his tail, the few little spots that made him a paint horse on his barrel. The way he'd walk towards me, the shape of his withers and back. His kind eye and spirit. Now that he's gone I am beyond thankful I took the time to preserve those memories. I owned him for nearly 10 years and when I knew I was loosing him, I decided to memorialize him. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Now it may seem odd to most, but the photos on my wall that seem to be of fur, or ears, or a hand and a nose spark the most intense feelings because of the weight they hold.

Think about what you love the most about your horse. Think about your relationship and what goes on between you both when no one is around. 


With over 15 years of experience working with horses, I have the knowledge and understanding of what goes into these relationships, how to capture them, as well as showcasing your horse in their best light. Whether you're selling, memorializing a bond, or need photos of your team for advertising, I have several packages available to accommodate your needs.