Branding + Lifestyle Session in Milwaukee, WI

Man it's been a minute!

 Time and time again I tell myself I need to get back into the swing of things in regards to the blog...and somehow it always gets pushed to the end of the to-do list. Which is odd because I do love writing + sharing my "why" behind my work. I started the year reflecting with my Favorite Shots of 2017 and a lot of people said they enjoyed hearing the why I picked photos as favorites. 

SO in an effort to be a little more real and honest about my "why"- I figured I kick it off with my recent branding + lifestyle session with Andii. You may remember her from last year when we went out and played In The Shadows- this time around she reached out for new photos to help her market herself. Andii is a local musician that I've know for the last several years and I've been obsessed since day one- think poetic storytelling, relatable + honest. Her falsetto makes my heart swoon,  such a beautiful voice and she pairs it with a ukulele. ( Here's her SoundCloud-  I've cried in the crowd before listening to her so if you're anything like me, get ready to tug the heartstrings)

Anyways, we knew we wanted to do something indoors and focused on the light. Last time I focused on the light/shadows; we knew that this time around we wanted to do the same. Andii thought of the attic and it was the PERFECT spot. I might have to come back again and again because this light was dreamy...soft and neutral and it gave the room such a wonderful glow. This first look she played with more of her feminine side and the second was a bit more masculine.  It's so important to stay true to yourself and show off how dynamic you are-- that's what is so fun about this job...I get to see a different side of people that isn't always at the forefront. 

I might have to make this March photo shoot a reoccurring thing. I always walk away feeling so refreshed and overwhelmed with ideas.  Andii is full of expression and it's a joy to shoot. Our time was spent filled with talks about life, health, the people we surround ourselves with and how to actually brand yourself as a solo musician. 

Hope you  all enjoy these as much as I do!

All my love,