High School Senior Pictures at Paradise Springs in Pewaukee, WI - Olivia

I've got a soft spot for senior pictures. Mainly because this is how I got my start into the photography world years ago. I used to work at a studio as a high school rep but the job meant so much more to me. It was an opportunity to dive into something I loved and learn as much as I possibly can.  Now, every time I get a senior in front of my lens, it brings back a bit of nostalgia. 

To be honest, I love the nervousness. It gives me a chance to break the ice, have a conversation, and really connect with people. 

Olivia and I had a great time wandering Paradise Springs during golden hour, talking about our love for Twilight, her future plans--she want to go to San Diego for Marine biology!! How awesome is that??, and taking  some awesome pictures for Insta.

You can check out her full gallery here.

Enjoy your senior year my dear-- I'll cross my fingers for San Diego! 


All my love,