Milwaukee Engagement Session - Adrianna + Larry


Adrianna + Larry

Milwaukee Engagement Session

They say your ideal client will come to you when you create what they want. I don’t know who “they” is anymore and for the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out who my ideal client even is. I feel I resonate with so many different people that I can’t say they’re XYZ. But I’ve been focusing on how I feel after working with others, and what about them makes me feel good + excited + fulfilled— and how that shows up in my work.

I’ve realized something after working with these two.  Our first meeting was almost two hours, followed by one of the nicest + most humbling texts about canceling all other meetings to move forward with me. We chatted over cocktails at their venue opening, discussed wedding details, 1000’s other random topics (because have you ever talked with me before?!) Their engagement session was cold with a chance of colder wind— not ideal but they didn’t let it stop the show. We wandered some old warehouses and ventured down to the lakefront Their pup joined and we shared stories + laughs and played with different backdrops we could find in Milwaukee.

From the minute I met these two they’ve showed up with excitement + enthusiasm about their wedding, relationship, and future together — and I’ve always left them feeling uplifted. They’ve welcomed me in with open arms + hearts and are invested in the process. It’s wonderful + rewarding + exciting to be apart of. I can’t wait for the wedding next September!

Adrianna + Larry

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