Affectionate Engagement Session at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, WI - Leigh + Jake


Leigh + Jake

Candid + Authentic Engagement Session

Two things that tend to come up at engagement shoots are “ We aren’t big on PDA and No kissing photos.” I always start out every session explaining that they get to guide things, and that we can be touchy feely or not at all. We can save the PDA for the wedding photos. I get it, it’s weird having someone take pictures of you being close + intimate. But when I brought this up with Leigh + Jake, they laughed and immediately latched onto each other.  “Yeah we don’t have a problem with that.” 

They weren’t wrong. I pretty sure my typical lines of “grab onto each other + get closer” weren’t said (I actually had to tell them to separate for a few!).  Leigh and Jake have a natural chemistry that was such a breeze to photograph- I hardly had to give them direction! All of these sincere looks, laughs, and nuzzles are genuine. 

We wandered the woods along the river near the Urban Ecology Center and talked travel + the places they want to go.  It’s always refreshing to find others that value experiences + different cultures. My wanderlust is always in high gear and I’m continuously adding cities to the bucket list when I hear others talk of their travels. 

Keep scrolling for the goods. And I mean natural romantic moody light goodness. 

Also, they’re having a brunch wedding because of breakfast food. YES. 

All my love,