Minnesota Boat Club Wedding on Raspberry Island in St. Paul, MN - Kate + Harrison

I'm always looking for a reason to plan a trip up to Minnesota. So, when old friends reach out to have you shoot their wedding you better believe keys are in hand and ready to go. I love love love Minneapolis + St. Paul and this was my first time shooting downtown. In fact, we were in the center of downtown, in the middle of the Mississippi River, on Raspberry Island, at the Minnesota Boat Club. 

I met Kate a few years ago in collage and instantly got along. I think it's Kate's loud, quick wit and hilarious personality that sucks you in but her sincerity and kindness that keeps you around. Harrison on the other hand is a bit of the opposite. Equally as kind and genuine, but a bit mellower than Kate. The ebb and flow of their relationship is a perfect balance between the two and it is easy to see why it works so well. 

Their wedding day started with a sweet first look, cupcakes and doughnuts, the St. Paul Skyline, and heaps of pretty architecture.



It's always a pleasure Minnesota.

All my love,