Industrial Engagement Session in Milwaukee, WI - Alyssa + Jordan


Alyssa + Jordan

Milwaukee Engagement Session

Even though I am a born + raised Wisconsinite I’ve got a deep rooted love for Minnesota and all the good people that I’ve met from the land of lakes. Alyssa + Jordan came along and from the start we were all on the same page - they left it up to me to determine a location for their engagement session and I had been eyeing this spot for months - I love wandering cities to find nooks that could be interesting or provide a lot of variety in a walkable area. There’s something about industrial settings that really help highlight the portrait of the people I’m shooting. Finding minimal backgrounds along with texture and color makes the process fun.

These two delivered all the goods that come with long relationships. There’s a level of comfortability that develops over time when two people have been together for awhile — you can see it in their body language, the way partners talk to each other, and an overall mutual respects. It takes time + effort to get to that place and it was so easy to see in these two.

A + J. In it together, down for whatever, love lover.

Fun story — I had a dream that I asked these two to ride a skateboard during their session and it turned out cool in my head. Asked Alyssa if she’d be open to it and somehow we convinced Jordan - a cool + personal way to end our session

All my love,