Highlights from 2017 | My Favorite Shots + Why

What a year.

2017 started off with the heaviest of hearts and more uncertainty than ever before. I had to say goodbye to my horse Luxe in February and after 2016 being filled with so much stress, defeat, and change I was determined to keep moving forward in 2017. Grief is an enigma and affects everyone differently. I could have unraveled and spent months wallowing in sadness from loosing something I was so passionate about, but instead I told myself to take that energy and focus it elsewhere. So here I was, 25 and in unfamiliar territory; my original career + grad school path had abruptly ended and I had this fresh new photography business to try and make work. 

With fears of failing and wasting more time trying to figure "it" out-- what is "it" anyways, life? I was hellbent on doing things that made me happy because you really never know when they'll get taken away from you. 

I dove in, became obsessed with doing things I'm passionate about, worked really really hard to learn + grow, meet people, fail + try again, and just TRUST THE PROCESS. 

Over the course of 2017 I shot 18 weddings, dozens of couples, several newborns, horses+their humans, and over 150 portrait sessions. Each person and session has fueled a fire and supported my WHY.

So here's my year in review- the photos and sessions that have impacted me in some way and why I love them. 

My favorite shots from my second shooter, Matt.

I am grateful I found this guy at a group shoot and have added him to my team. He's grown a ton over the year and keeps getting better. His eye for portraits + detail has excelled over the year and my favorite/best weddings were the ones that I had him working with me.  Some of my favorite shots this year are from him and he deserves the credit. 

That's a wrap. If you made it this far I appreciate you. I truly put a lot of time + effort into my photos and I'm passionate about what I do. I've met so many incredible people, heard their stories, and hopefully told them in the best way possible. 

I can't wait to see what 2018 delivers. 

Get ready.

All my love,