Romantic Golden Hour Engagement Session - Ashley + Jeremy


Ashley + Jeremy

Sure feels good to love someone

If I could run around in the golden hour light every day with couples I would. To witness connections + chemistry and learn about why they may work. This romantic golden hour engagement session I had with Ashley + Jeremy was amazing! I had a great time letting them “be” — they came with music to dance to and really took me seriously when I said this was the time to soak each other in. They get married in a month and amidst the craziness of wedding planning they carved out an hour to slow down, hang out, make out, and celebrate how wonderful this point in life is.

Here’s to butt grabs and tight grips, forehead kisses and passionate kisses, holding hands and dancing and getting oh so close. We forget how fun it is to be young and in love and giddy with excitement about the future. Not sure about you but I’ll never tire of the reminders I get about how wonderful love really is. Ashley + Jeremy friends.

You can view their wedding at The Bowery here!

Such a great session and all of their affection was amazing!

All my love,