Esther + Thor in The Capitol Light | Madison WI Engagement Session

Brain Candy.

That's what the light was during this WI Capitol engagement session with Esther + Thor. Everyone always leans towards outdoors- even when it doesn’t necessarily suit his or her hobbies + interests - and run from the idea of indoor settings. I love mixing it up, I love interesting and different lighting challenges. I love dramatic + moody and light + soft.  The Capitol gave us all of that. 

 I have to give the location credit to these two hands down. Creatives as well, they considered the light, the shadows, the architecture, and were open to whatever. A snowball effect, “what about over here- ohh look at the light in there” we bounced all around the Capitol finding different pockets of light. Esther + Thor brought a mix of edgy + soft, intimacy, and let their guards down which makes this set really shine. 



Also, out of focus for the win ^^^


All my love,