Foggy Devil's Lake Adventurous Engagement Session - Christina + DJ


Christina + DJ

Adventurous Engagement Session at Devil’s Lake, WI

Recently I ventured up to Devils Lake to hike East Bluff to shoot at the top for an adventurous engagement session with Christina + DJ. We picked this time for peak fall colors— but since the Midwest weather can’t figure it out— we were dealt the gloomiest, foggy, misty sleet of days. Not ideal but we had to make it work— *it will always be worth it*

We got dense fog and soft dreamy light. Mix that with good conversation and a few hours in the woods to help refresh and it’s my ideal shoot. Yet again I was reminded of how lucky I am to have the clients I do. During our hike, Christina asked me how I manage a work life balance while working alone + at home. It tugged a heart string + took me by surprise— I blurted out “there is none”. I found myself actually opening up on Sunday about what it’s like and it was a relief to be honest + open. As business owners we’re afraid to look like we don’t have it all together— what if it looks unprofessional? Will they still trust me? What if they don’t care about me, just what I deliver?

It’s hard being a one man show and it’s hard to admit that I feel guilty when I step away from work and do something else. Finding a balance will always be difficult but I am beyond grateful and appreciative of the clients I have for being so wonderful + caring + understanding— they truly make it all worth it.

Special thanks to these two for being troopers and adventuring with me.