Lions Den Gorge Engagement Session in Grafton, WI - Jaime + Joe

Do you ever meet two people and you know that something about the two of them just works? Beyond matching interests and what they do, but for their quirks and they way they look at each other? There's a calm and ease in the way they interact and you know that they are a team. 

I felt that with Jaime + Joe.

They are honest and straightforward and funny and slightly awkward in all the best ways. There's an ebb and flow between them and secrecy to their relationship. I believe that everyone doesn't need to to know everything and that's why relationships are successful. 

But, for an afternoon, we hung out, Joe had a beer or two, and they let me in. We went to Lion's Den Gorge because their dog Stan (how great is that name?!) loves it. We braved slippery walk ways and talked about the next year, how life is unpredictable and what the future holds. 


I can't wait until December!

All my love,