Woodland Engagement Photos | Alexa+Jeni

You guys.This session gives me ALL THE FEELS.

It's been in planning for several months and although we were wanting snow, we finally gave in a just did the damn thing already. We all know Wisconsin weather never cooperates, but let me tell you, everything worked. 

I owe that to Jeni and Alexa. For their chemistry, connection, ridiculous antics and giant laughs. Alexa had a million ideas (Pinterest queen, I feel you), and Jeni is the sweetest towards her. I couldn't stop admiring how natural each kind gesture and touch was between the too. They killed the slowest kiss ever and definitely let their guards down for me. More importantly, they've let their guards down for each other, and it shows. Without a doubt, these two have a fierce connection.

It was a dream hanging out and capturing these two. 


All my love,