Hey friends!

First off, I just want to thank you for taking a few moments to check out my brand new blog!

This project has been in my "idea notebook" for a while and I have been tirelessly trying to bring my visions to life.  My biggest goals for this year are to shoot more, blog more, and grow my business.  I've been meaning to launch but life had taken me down a different path for a little bit. 

Here’s where things get real for a moment---Last week I had to make the difficult decision of my bringing my journey to an end with my beloved horse Luxe. We had been a team for nearly 10 years and owning him shaped me into the person I am today. I savored our last day by photographing all my favorite parts of him and enjoying his presence.

I also ran away to Minnesota for the week for an engagement session (that blog comes tomorrow!), some much needed alone time, a few hikes in nature, ridiculous amounts of puppy cuddles, and a few heart to hearts.

One of my best friends told me that all the best people in life have texture. Who we are as people is determined by the encounters that give us texture. Sometimes rough and bumpy, smooth and soft, but all of our life experiences create those qualities, giving us a vast combination of elements that make up a work of art.  

Hearing that made me realize that our textures are what make people special. We are all individuals, but can connect in so many ways. As a photographer, I get invited into personal people’s personal lives and hope to relate. I always try to capture whom you truly are- texture in all. SO, embrace those experiences that are difficult and rough you up, as well as those that soften you, they create better works of art.


Stayed tuned for tons of new content coming soon!

All my love,


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