2017 Wedding Highlights


Since January is a big recap month for 2017 I felt it would be cool to show my favorite wedding photos from the year-- and since it's the height of the 2018 booking season it could serve as an "extended portfolio" for all you recently engaged ladies+gents who are considering me. 

I had such a wide range of weddings this year and met SO MANY amazing couples.

Here are some facts about my 2017 Wedding Season:

Smallest Wedding: 65

Biggest Wedding: 375

States Photographed: Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York

First Looks: 4 

Longest Relationship:  15 years

Rained On Wedding Day: 5-- and they're all lucky!

Shortest Ceremony: 9 Minutes

Most Popular Suit Color: Charcoal Gray 

Bridesmaid Dress Style: Mismatched + Long

Popular Flowers: Roses + Peonies

Veils Worn: 10

Final Edit Count: 7,562 moments


Thanks again to all of you for choosing me to be there for you on your wedding day.

Here's my favorite highlights from the past year-- happy scrolling :) 


All my love,


For the recently engaged:

My 2018 wedding season is half way full! If you're planning and want to work together, now is the time to reach out!